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Delphi Diesel Fuel Analyser

Seen as key in tackling climate change, the use of bio fuels is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. But because the physical and chemical properties of bio fuels are so significantly different to conventional fuels, they are considered to be more susceptible to contamination, and with this comes an increased risk of damage to the diesel engine components. Delphi’s innovative fuel analyzer is designed to give TOYOTEC the capability to check the level of bio fuel in diesel and identify impurities such as unrefined vegetable oil, petrol and other contaminants quickly and cost effectively.

This very sensitive tool will enable TOYOTEC’s technicians to identify if your diesel fuel conforms to European fuel quality standard EN 590:2009, and as such, whether fuel quality is the root cause of any diesel engine related issues you may have. By detecting potential diesel fuel quality issues TOYOTEC is now able to safe guard any new components that may be fitted to your vehicle, or better still prevent potentially expensive repair bills in the first place, TOYOTEC’s diesel fuel analyzer will help to mitigate the impact and subsequent effects of bio fuels or poor quality fuel. This can significantly reduce costs and inconvenience for you the vehicle owner or operator.

As well as being used during a repair procedure to safe guard any new components fitted, a fuel analysis can also be carried out during routine servicing helping us safe guard your sensitive and often expensive diesel system components (Avoiding problems before they start).



Sealed Rail Diagnostic Kit


With the Delphi Diesel Sealed Rail Diagnostic Kit, TOYOTEC’s technicians can pinpoint faulty components within the common rail fuel injection system. Our Sealed Rail Diagnostic Kit provides simple, low cost, on-vehicle testing for fuel pumps and injectors on all makes of Common Rail systems. Consisting of a Sealed Rail Pressure Tester and Injector Backleakage Measurement Equipment, it measures pressure generated by the Common Rail pump as well as backleakage for each individual Common Rail injector — the two major causes of faults in Common Rail fuel injection systems. This eliminates the need for complete system removal and refit, reducing unnecessary costs and inconvenience for you the customer. The kit also contains adapters needed for the testing of all makes and models of vehicles.



False Actuator Kit


A unique piece of diagnostic equipment, Delphi’s False Actuator Kit is designed for use in conjunction with our Sealed Rail Kit, to support specific diagnostics of fuel pump failures. When a pump fault has been identified by the Sealed Rail Kit, our False Actuator Kit enables further interrogation of the fuel pump. If the pump generates the correct pressure with the kit in place then the vehicle actuator is deemed to be at fault. If full pressure still cannot be achieved, then there’s a mechanical failure in the pump. Delphi supplies a series of all-makes test data for each actuator, so TOYOTEC’s technicians and you the customer can be confident in the diagnostic results. (Cutting out misdiagnosis or diagnosis by guesswork can cut out unnecessary expensive repair bills).

By correctly identifying the cause of a fault to the fuel pump itself or the pumps actuator valves TOYOTEC has the ability to cut the cost of the repair bill by potentially replacing just the faulty actuator valves and not the complete high pressure pump as other garages would do.



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